After visiting many beautiful parks around the world, we were frustrated about our home country, Japan’s situation, where truly beautiful Japanese natures in countryside of Japan have not been found/cherished by tourists; Japan’s has been too strongly associated with its technology, pop-culture and big temples/shrines around big cities such as Tokyo and Kyoto. This is sad as most of Japanese are not from such big cities; the (including me and other member of our company) are mostly from countryside of Japan and they love their hometowns.

We think that countryside tourism in Japan can offer you authentic Japan experience with its beautiful nature and interaction with local people there, and core contents in countryside will be, we believe, The National Parks in Japan. The national parks are designated by Japanese Government based on the National Park Act as a great representative of the beautiful natural scenic sites in Japan. We have 34 designated National Parks from Hokkaido to Okinawa, all over Japan. The National Parks in Japan include diverse environments of forests, farming lands and villages. These beautiful natures are unspoiled and protected by the law. These places also offer visitors opportunities to learn Japanese authentic cultures and regional histories through communicating with local people.

We would like you to enjoy many interesting activities in National Parks through our platform, which we are releasing soon.

The Japan Project Corp.